Saturday, September 01, 2007

What's in Vogue?

Commy time! The disconnect between those who would talk about saving the palnet and what gets done around them continues: Rich pickings

Wasn't Vogue one of those that for a wee while had a 'green' phase and/or issue? Bless.

While no real excuse, but as a reason I think there may be a problem with all this climate change activity now being in the hands of celebrity and the media that serves and feeds off them to create vehicles to flog stuff to the wealthy.

And that is what on earth such folk would do with all the money they have worked so hard to accrue (or... not) if they did/could not spent it with obscene purchase sprees or jaunts to ever more exotic places.

And what, exactly, does it say that there is such a thing as a 'luxury goods specialist'?

With a bevvy of the necessary number of journalistic chroniclers in tow, of course.

Guardian - What can you do with a brick-sized Vogue?- Sounds like a question for!

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