Saturday, September 01, 2007

Many happy returns of the day, er, 6 months, er...

RE:tie burbles along, and I'm getting to a point soon where we try and sell it. So I was amused by this: Dragons’ Den reject eyes riches abroad

And especially this: Reflecting on news of Gordon’s success, Ms Elnaugh (she'd be 'the founder of Red Letter Days, which collapsed later that year, said it was the “most ridiculous” she had ever heard of) reportedly said she is pleased he has done well, but said investors want to see a return in six months, rather than the three-year window he envisages.

I'd say I'd always like to see a return within a decent period, but so long as you make more than you spend and cover costs and time it's going to be ok. And if in being so determined to get it in 6 months rather than 3 years one ends up going bust, I think you get all you didn't deserve.

I believe there are a few Dragon's Den successes out there, but mainly I'd say all involved (with the exception of the inspired guys who gave it a go and pitched despite the obvious desire of the makers not to support or motivate the true entrepreneurial spirits, but solely to seek car-crash TV) should hang their egotistical (judges), ratings-driven (production and BBC) heads in shame.

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