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This* came a while ago and was discussed here: DON'T LEAVE BOTTLED DRINKS IN CARS

I have now changed it from a Prof's Poser to a CATEGORY, as it is topical, ongoing and certainly contentious.

Note: new update added below

As you'll gather, there was some debate and obviously still some more to come. As I promised at the time, it's too important not to kee on top of. So I am. And share more in the ADDENDUM as they arrive (see end).

*With the really warm weather just around the corner [it came from Singapore], please read, if there's even a slight chance, and share with all the gal-pals.

Stop drinking that water left or stored in the car!! This is how Sheryl Crow got breast cancer. She was on the Ellen show and she said this same exact thing. So please be very careful, ladies. Drinking Bottled Water Kept in Car.... A friend whose mother recently got diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctor told her: women should not drink bottled water that has been left in a car.

The doctor said that the heat and the plastic of the bottle have certain chemicals that can lead to breast cancer. So please be careful! Do not drink that water bottle that has been left in a car. Pass this on to all the women in your life. This information is the kind we need to know and be aware and just might save us!!!! The heat causes toxins from the plastic to leak into the water and scientists have found these toxins in breast tissue. Use a stainless steel canteen or a glass bottle when you can!!!

I don't know. It seems credible, but also astounding if true, if only on a Food Standards basis. I guess it struck a chord as we have several in our car from ages ago (and I presume juice and fizzies are even worse for their corrosive actions).

Anyone? I am, of course, now off on a(nother) mission to find out.


Grist - More info

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Times - Number of genital defects on rise - Just when you thought it was safe to drink the bottled water. Another media scare story with as much on one side to say 'Yay' as there is on the other to say 'Nay'. I'd err on caution & limit the number of reuses, but don't get to freaked yet.

ENN - Polycarbonate Bottles unsafe for hot liquids - I'd say avoid the things if you can

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Grist - Flex and Effects - plastic bottles and BPA - not sure that 'stop using a fundamental aspect of modern life, that is still legal and approved, is quite the kick-off to start with. This seesm to be the new mantra for the shop fresh/local brigade, who are worthy but seem to have a lot more money and time on their hands than most.

Plastics News - Are industry-funded studies biased?

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FoodProductionDaily - Regulator confirms safety of BPA for use in food packaging

Gaurdian - We have a drinking problem, and it makes oil seem cheap - 'Come on: more of it is being sold than beer - you and I know that can't be right.' An interesting statement; even ignoring the health implications I wonder hwo many litres of water are consumed 'making' a pint of beer vs. a pint of water?

Foodanddrink - Which? survey adds to bottled water woes

Guardian - Packaging chemical linked to greater risk of diseases - Again, caution all round. Don't take risks, but also don't freak out.

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BBC - NEW - Australia town bans bottled water - It will be interesting to see if this evolves in the same way as the plastic bag campaign. Our family doesn't use much, if any, as in this country the alternative is cheaper and just as good. That said, there always seems to be a bottle lurking in the car or bought around town to walk with. So I wonder if this might be a Planet Ban-it that will end up distracting from more pressing issues. That a small town in Oz gets the full UK media treatment seems... odd. I concede many of the arguments against, but in the global society (some not blessed with quality on tap) this might be a 'careful what you wish for'. Frankly I'd prefer a town to ban paying water utility bonus payments until he vast waste through leaks is addressed.


Dave said...

I hope that this is not a second resurrection of the fake alarm email suggesting that re-use of plastic (specifically PET) water bottles which suggested that DEHA (a carcinogen) would leach into the contents as a result of re-use. See article here.

Dave said...

Urban legends reckons that this story about not drinking water from PET bottles left in cars is also a complete myth.
See Urban Legends.