Friday, July 10, 2009

CATEGORY - Carbon Offsetting (Trading)

I know I discussed this recently elsewhere, but while I search for that to add the topic deserves its own category.

And I know they are different, but as they are most surely related, I lump offsetting and trading here (for now, until they need splitting)

Telegraph - Offsetting your carbon is 'confusing' - at the very least
Reuters - Carbon offset schemes "confusing" - seeing a trend?
Indy - The great carbon con: Can offsetting really help to save the planet? - I recall Sting copping it even then, but he was really a celeb ahead of his time.
Indy Letters - replies to above
Indy letters - more - Reply from Rainforest Alliance
Greenbang - Carbon trading ‘paid for by small business, car users’ - 'So, how do you feel about that Mr. Public? Or may I call you Joe?"
Guardian - Europe's vital step to make carbon markets work - The commenter who made the point about the small war next door might be nearer the mark for now.
Guardian - Can carbon offsetting ever be truly green?
Guardian - A permit to print money - Quite spoils my Friday
Guardian - Carbon trading may be the new sub-prime, says energy boss - Another Friday, and guess what? The phrase 'sub-prime' does not inspire optimism.
Guardian - An environmental market
Which? - Has this online link, but the July '09 magazine has a special feature: 'Which way to reduce your carbon footprint' - where they investigate current schemes... and their claims.
Guardian - NEW - Should we care about the UK's place in plastic bag league tables?
I am with George on this one though, having raised some concerns initially (which I still have, especially on the enviROI of alternatives, more on the consequences of biodegradation than reuse options - too big to go into here) as it stands I am erring on the publicity being basically helpful in shaping public actions.

That said, in matters green I usually view targets and tables a short route to all sorts of pointless and unhelpful consequences, and if box-tickers get involved lord help the planet.

Now I notice an Oz town has now become, Modbury-like, 'the first' to ban bottled water. So, who next will get to be a ban-twin town with Boondoggle or whatever it is, and blow any benefits sending the mayor out Business Class to shake hands with half of Fleet Street and the BBC's Ethical man along for the flight?

Not sure the two are quite equivalent, so how this one might radiate will be interesting. Having lived in Asia, if it works its way to here organically country by country then I rather fear it may have unwelcome consequences as those at the top impose a ban-wagon on those less able to afford it in many countries between here and there.

Honestly, I am not in favour of bans or fines, and am happy that my half dozen hemp efforts seem to get noticed and appreciated at the check-out and might even score me some points at a reward-motivating outlet.

I also appreciate the odd plastic for meats and frozens, which I then find good reuses for around the home.

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