Friday, January 30, 2009


I have done it mentally for so long, but more are springing up daily here's a growing list of where to find stuff out online, and often get to comment upon. When I get time I'll also 'review'.



iplayer - in theory (!) you can access archive stuff via this. There might be a 7 day window limit on some/most/all

Andrew Marr Show - Has a reply/blog
BBC Green -
cbeebies/ecobeebies -
Green Room - Has a HYS
The Editor's Blog
Newsnight -
Ethical Man - now over. I wonder how much he has stayed with his ethics and how much was just for the duration?

Guardian/Observer (PT)
Ask Leo - Like Prof's Posers, only with answers ready supplied
Climate Change
Climate Change
Environment Weekly - no clue what it is, who is doing or why. Or watching. But here it is. -
Ethical Living
Tread Lightly
What Can I Do?

Independent & Sunday (PT)
Ethics Girl
Green Living (inc Green Goddess)
The Environment Channel

Observer (PT)
The Green Gauge
Magazine - has a thing called Ethical that can lead to a Dilemma

Reuters - Environment

Eden - NEW -

Telegraph (PT)
Earth - leads to more, which I'll look at soon

The Economist

The Times (PT)
Battle of Ideas
Eco-worrier Blog
Green Central - With Blog

Yahoo -

I've just realised that by trying to compartmentalise I have in fact scattered similar resources across a few category headings. I'll try and bring most under here, including news in the future and others already posted when I get a moment.

One thing seems silly and that's my country separation. This is the net and all things are global. But where necessary I'll break out a place of origin.

Wikipedia - just remember it is not always served by well by those dedicated to objectivity, especially in areas of contention.

Green-err (as in erring on green) Media

ivillage/igo green - US based - online

Not a definitive list, so feel free to suggest and I'll add them here.

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