Friday, January 30, 2009

Big issue. Small minds?

Now is the time to think big about man-made climate change

I found this tucked away in the Telegraph today.

That's significant.

Because while I have done, and do most of what I do because of concerns about the possibility of 'our' impact on climate change, albeit in what I consider the more tackleable if possibly minor area (energy consumption and emissions dwarfing all else) of reducing waste, I have noted rather piecemeal, and often contradictory levels of approach and attention paid by 'The Establishment' (Government and media) to date.

If we are about to be toast, the messages we get, and when we get them, and the examples set, don't really... at least to me as one of Joe Public... quite convey the magnitude or urgency that often gets claimed when the topic is 'hot'.

So I have sympathy with Mr. Clover's basic premise. At least the headline and intro.

Not quite so sure on some of the solutions he is advocating.

In fact it is a pity that he gets diverted quickly to these details, when the big one he has raised remains unanswered. Frankly, like too many, and especially those in power, it comes across more as if he is too busy just playing in a lucrative field that he is in, rather than looking more ahead at the main goals.

I think I'll call it, for want of a better word, 'Envirodabbling'. Not sure it's that helpful when pondering the bigger picture.

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