Friday, January 30, 2009

Put a lid on it. Or... not?

Credit where due...

What should we do about plastic milk bottle tops?

A good post from a useful site on a worthy topic, and the journey to get there. I have replied as there may be a decent dialogue to follow on some issues raised.

Ah, conflicting 'advice' from the authorities. Where we would be without various box-tickers contradicting each other, he asks, rhetorically.

John's final para is bang on, though I fear a vain hope.

I have long since given up trying to get my head around the logic of the stated instructions. The request to collapse surely makes sense to improve the weight:volume ratio lugged by a dirty great truck, but squashing these devils is easier said than done. And having done so, as a matter of physics, without screwing the cap back on I rather suspect they may spring back out.

Thank you for the link to GHS. I have some concerns about logistics, enviROI+ wise, but it's great that there are folk thinking around this. The solution is perhaps in that 500kgs payment threshold.

Now, what if local communities could be coordinated (as you suggest, but on a bigger scale) to drop-off sufficient quantities of any recylate material or reusable item such that it was worth the while of a business to come and get it... and pay. It's possible paying individuals may be a problem, but injecting benefits into the community is still a powerful motivator... and reward.

I have given up on government and LAs, and businesses can be a a tad short-term bottom line (especially at the moment), but am working on it using the postcode location facilities of such as my site,

Thanks also for the associated ideas on reuses. Readers may wish to share any they have on too.

Interestingly, I am still in the thick of promoting my RE:tie re:evolution second use design of the little tamper-evident strap that links the cap to the neck piece (which can be retained on bottle with some closure designs, though not milks) of usually higher end organic milks.

In today's climate, it still amazes me that many high-ups in departments theoretically devoted to reducing unnecessary waste still cannot get their heads round how people might very easily be directed to keep things, reuse things or at least donate in a useful, segregated manner... if well directed, helped and encouraged or, better yet... rewarded.

The time has yet to come. But it will.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link back to us and for highlighting this important issue. It's great that we have Junkk to refer to, in order to help us make the best reuse of items.

Peter said...

More than welcome.

Glad to find we can return the compliment!

I value your site and often find nifty stuff there to help over here. The personal journey posts are especially useful. I just did one myself here about our acquiring and LPG car.

I have been very distracted of late on other projects and really need to get the site and thsi blog more responsive.

You guys look to be doing a good job with your audience.