Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No ifs, No buts.

I think that was the strap line for the benefit fraud advertlet that I saw recently on TV.

Shame that HM Revenue and Customs can't seem to look after their own computer records properly. So Paul Gray, chairman of HM Revenue and Customs, has resigned over this disaster. They managed to lose the personal data of some 25 million people! Have they never heard of backup? The responsibility, and accountability, for this rests at ministerial level.

So, coming on top of the revelations about just how much government (i.e. read, our) money has been used to prop up Northern Rock ........ No if, No buts, Darling; just resign.

But that would require accountability, which does not seem to be a term that exists in the realm of pols nowadays.

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Peter said...

Was it not you who, but a few posts ago, gently chided me for my naive hopes and silly notions?

If any more in government resign on the basis of incompetence we'll have no one left... hold on... there's a thought. It couldn't be much worse!

I await learning how much Mr. Gray gets to depart with, largesse-wise.

Along with the ex-boss of Northern Rock, whose crumbling legacy I do belive we are going to fork out for... along with his gilt-edged, inflation proof pension, no doubt.

I'm dusting off the wall for when the revolution comes.