Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Too little, too late

Well, that's the Telegraph's take on Ol' Golden's key speech on the environment.

"the way he squared the circle was to give us rhetoric and a lot of targets pitched into the future, into someone else's term of office."

"it was extremely hard to see that what Mr Brown was proposing bore any relationship to Churchill's 'action this day'. It was more like 'action by 2020'. Targets for renewables, cars and incineration with energy recovery all tripped off his tongue - aimed at a decade or so hence."

"we have learnt to be wary of targets. We recognise obfuscation when we see it. And the only environmental slogan that will be believed is: 'Action in my term of office.' There was none yesterday."

Quite! I couldn't have put it better myself.

Oh, and I just loved the thought of Milliband and Brown looking for ideas to steal off the Tories.

The Times - seem to think it was all about sealing the fate of the plastic carrier bag.

As do those at The Indy. No, I'm being unfair, in its leading article it does take a serious look at the content of his speech. "The sad truth is that on the really big issues, Britain is taking a lead only in the production of hot air rather than in its reduction."

The Guardian - it's 'new and recycled pledges'. And "just like Blair - Brown was short on new policy."

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