Sunday, January 27, 2008

The THREE E's?

I've been banging on about who the economy vs environment debate has been going for a while. Seems it might be that I need to add another 'E': the EU - EU plans to see our economy blown away

Lord alone knows things need doing, but when I read such as this (and tend to agree), I do wonder about what's being done and by whom... for what enviROI:

'The most prominent proposal is that which will require Britain to build up to 20,000 more wind turbines, including the 7,000 offshore giants announced by the Government before Christmas. To build two turbines a day, nearly as high as the Eiffel Tower, is inconceivable. What is also never explained is their astronomic cost.'

Surely it is for such as our politicians the Carbon Trust to weigh such issues for actually value, not just push anything with a whiff of green no matter what? And especially avoid or 'massage' figures to be dutifully trotted out by a mostly compliant media.

This should not be in blogs or tucked away in minor commentary. This should be brought to the fore and debated openly at the highest levels. It's not just dishonest; it's leading our future down a very mire-filled creek, and blowing our paddle-purchasing potential en route.

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