Monday, January 21, 2008

First, find your venue... pref: tropical

A long time ago I think I read about Paradise or Bust /, and may even have applied. Or asked to find out more.

Never heard back.

So, without reading up on it in detail and with little intention of watching (life is too short) I learn of the latest eco-initiative that seems to involve going somewhere (I presume by air) sunny, cutting down the foliage and setting fire to stuff . I guess saving the planet in Manchester lacks visual appeal (though there was that one in a rubbish tip recently, which was another massive hit. Not).

As it is essentially a reality TV show I guess it will get a certain media following, but I simply am getting fed up with unrepresentative efforts that are almost totally for ratings rather enlightenment or worthwhile information reasons.

Having lived on the equator for a while, minor matters like heating can be ignored. And if you are not working then travel and cooling are easily addressed. So it's down to eating, sleeping and finding a way to get rid of your waste with causing an epidemic. But then I'm presuming the population density isn't too serious either.

I'm sure it will pass a few weeks. But as any sensible mirror of how we live now and sustainably in the future....?

Easy to critique I guess, so maybe I should watch. But it is telling that when I hear of such things where once I was on board I now face the prospect with dread. I guess getting such coverage will help them no end and we'll soon see the terminals at Heathrow packed with other keen planet-savers.

Apparently, according to the BBC News, today is officially (though they also claim not to know who in officialdom made it thus, so one wonders how this slot arose) the 'lowest' day. We even had a chap they wheeled on who was promoting his several week programme to charge you to avoid it all.

Maybe the best solution to most ills would be to stop watching the idiot box.


Times : It’s all tribal and strife in paradise - Having read this, I have softened to their intentions, but remain unsure as to the outcome or its value. It still seems to me more an idealistic activist and cynical reality TV producer's wet dreams coming togther, that will suck up and spit out the players, with little positive result to the planet, as claimed.

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