Monday, January 21, 2008

On yer bike

Watching Minister Ruth Kelly (one who I really have trouble taking seriously on anything) as we speak advocating cycling (ok) and justifying a vast amount of money to make us do so (not so ok). Ruth Kelly launches £140million cycling fund

Rather interestingly, the reporter banged on constantly that she does not cycle to work, which really was not too fair, but inevitable. Her answer was not the best, namely that she needs to take the car to do work (so that's ok) and she has an eco-friendly one!

Like recycling, I see so much wrong with the practice of such initiatives, if not the principle.

Quite rightly, the issue of safety was raised as the most serious issue. I am sorry, but a bit of training is not going to make me feel my kids are any safer against the numpties on the roads these days. So on that basis it is a non-starter for this parent until they are a lot older and the lanes are protected (how I have no idea).

Also there is the issue of weather. In this country it rains a lot. Unless there are amazing levels of new facilities being created (in addition to safe storage... so how much is all this going to really cost, or is it just going on another awareness comms effort - like most recycling - that has no chance of being engaged because the advanced practicalities have been ignored and are not in place) such as changing rooms and showers, what is proposed or when they set off and get soaked?

Sorry, all mouth and no trousers. Again. But cute seeing a couple of munchkins wheeled on to trot out the memorised slogans, which for me made it even less credible.

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