Friday, January 25, 2008

Clueing Up

More happy Friday stuff. This time a book via a group.

Yesterday I was with a group of nice folk in Bristol at a networking event hosted by an equally nice outfit I'd met by virtue of being not first in a recent award: The Hub.

In a most relaxed style over a (BYO) lunch we were treated to a talk on web-based social networking by one of their members, Ed, who works with these guys, amongst others. Quick off the mark with his uploads, too. You might notice the Vac:Sac at left in one pic.

While he didn't really tell me much I didn't know, and depressingly reminded me just how much I'd paid for over the years that was now free and open source, he did focus my mind on the various Web 2.0 opportunities for self-promo that needs to engage with.

FaceBook, MySpace, BeBp
Wikis (lost of potential here)
Fikr (if only for image storage)
YouTube (ditto)
Blog (Looking at it!)

He also mentioned a good book to read for those trying to grasp and exploit the etherlike world of the net, which I in turn pass on here. It's called the ClueTrain Manifesto. It's free, so what's not to like?

Sadly, even though Bristol is but 1 hr away (on a good day), it just eats into a day getting there and back, so I don't know if I can afford to pop up and down too often. But there are also some useful guys there who may be able to help me take to some higher levels, so fingers crossed.

Telegraph - BBC plans social networking site for children - Don't feel (quite) so bad about the considerably less (but still a lot) I spent to do considerably more, with more folk, than those who have access to our apparently limitless pockets.

Or, for that matter (though you will need to delve a bit).... here:

London Standard - Whistle-blower to sue Mayor over 'bullying' claims - 'LDA's Diversity Dividend, an interactive website allowing companies to assess their diversity performance. ...the £295,000 contract for the website... The website never operated properly.

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