Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday Fun - Smoking gun

Green Gordon?

Nice one Newsnight (And, may I say, Greenpeace. I don't always endorse what they do or say, but in this they are back to what they do best).

I tried mixing Brown and Green, and it came out a kind of fudge. Seems apt, especially having watched the performance of the only government spokesperson landed with weaseling this one.

Still, as I recall our Dear Leader did throw his full weight behind that other massive eco-concern, and likely mitigation for something as trivial as how we produce our energy.... plastic bags.

When, oh when are we going to get folk in charge who can prioritise and concern themselves with initiatives that may actually help make this planet a bit better for future generations, rather than fussing with hype, spin, targets and cosy agendas.

While I see the constant dilemma of eco(nomic growth) vs. eco(logical harmony) creating headaches, it's not like there are not some targets looming here that this odd hesitancy will certainly not help assuage.

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