Friday, February 01, 2008

Sticks and stones may break my bones...

...but words may well end up seeing us off.

I have long given up trying to engage the whole MWCC 'debate', on any 'side', especially in a ratings driven media frenzy environment where only the next big extreme gets highlighted, so merely point you (with little comment) at this latest - Just the standard climatic imbalance... - for two reasons.

1) Yes, the media, including most in our national broadcaster, are totally complicit in the past, current and liklely future state of our understanding of, and reaction to climate change, by totally woeful reporting and hysterical, agenda-following editorialising.

2) Just like investments 'can go up as well as down', climate can change to hot and cold. The funky thing is when it does it to a serious degree, not where you'd expect, more often than it should... etc. So pointing at a cold day in summer is silly.

I don't know for certain, but I'm just seeing enough weird sh*t around to think that it is not behaving rationally.

Now, as to whether mankind is causing it, making it worse, or simply about to be a powerless casualty of Nature's whimsy is another matter. For another set of blogs.

Me? For now I am just trying my best to stop making things worse if I can help it. Unlike a lot... for all sides.

ps: 'Course, if you still fancy chatting and have a spare grand, you can always try here.

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