Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hardly a flying start!

Back in December 2006, Ol' Golden, then our chancellor, trumpeted a major tax relief policy that would see all new homes deemed to be zero carbon (in terms of emissions) free of stamp duty. Despite the apparently vague definition of what zero carbon meant exactly, this created quite a bit of excitement at the time, and many pundits were forecasting that the savings involved for buyers would entirely offset the additional construction costs.

OK, so a year and a bit on, just how many thousands of new homes have been constructed to qualify for this major tax relief?

Go on, have a guess. Any idea? No? Well, the answer is six. No, not six thousand, but the single digit only - i.e. six new homes have qualified for stamp duty exemption. Report is from This Is London.

"Clearly this does fall into the camp of green-tax con. The Government is not putting forward serious policies to tackle climate change and this is a classic example. ........ It is all talk and no action. If the Government were serious about benefiting the environment, they would offer everyone a rebate if their houses were properly insulated."

Quite! Despite the government spokesman's claim that numbers will rapidly rise this year, for once I agree with the Green Party's economic spokesman wholeheartedly.

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Peter said...

Look on the bright side... well, if you are a Guv'minted spinner... if they boost it to 12 then that can be trumpeted as a 100% improvement.

And back to my enviROI obsession, just how much money has been blown in this excerise in looking green to actually get green this lucky half dozen?