Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Leagues of their own

I have blogged before on the pre-selective, exclusive nature of a lot that takes place in the world of 're'.

Conferences and events that you need to pony up thousands for just to sit in an audience. No wonder those that are 'in' often don't relate as well as they might to those who are not.

Of course, all things that take time and money to create and need paying for (even Junkk.com, one day), so market forces will dictate.

But I must say I just had an eye-opner as to where I am vs. where others can afford to be in the wonderful world of being informed about your market.

Amongst many others, I subscribe to a (free) online news feed called PackWire. And I often get the odd useful tidbit through.

So when I saw this in my subject line, with all that I am in the thick of with RE:tie, I really perked up:

Consumer Attitudes Towards Packaging: New Insights and Future Perspectives

Today, it is widely acknowledged that packaging decisions can have a significant impact on sales. This report explores the changing nature of consumer attitudes and behaviors towards packaging in consumer packaged goods. It examines all the key trends shaping packaging led choices and ultimately offers actionable recommendations for industry players going forward.

Reasons to purchase...
• Access a blend of quantitative and qualitative data aggregating the most compelling and recent research in this increasingly important topic

• Gain a detailed insight into consumer views towards packaging and understand the implications for design

• Improve your marketing by following best-practice guidelines enabling more effective targeting with on-trend products and relevant communications

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Sadly, a short-lived moment of excitement at further valuable market intel, for it was follwed by this:

• $5695

Ah well, I guess I'll just have to wing it some more! But one does have to wonder hwo those who can afford access to such things seem to pretty much get it wrong so often still!

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