Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A very cheap shot

And I am making it. Sorry.

Just watching the BBC morning news about a wind farm proposal in Scotland, with those involved making the case for and agin'.

Mainly it surrounds the energy needs vs. other factors such as, ironically, 'environmental damage'.

Thing is, from the start to the finish of the piece, live and to camera, the reporter was in front of a mighty windmill that wasn't actually turning, with a couple behind also acting as nifty perches for seagulls.

At least I am now joined in this less than helpful, and rather superficial, observation by the anchor. Tricky. Becuase of course if they had opted for the library shots the BBC could have been accused of potraying an overly favourable scenario.

It's just as shame that, given the choice to do it live, it wasn't considered helpful to also address the enviROI of the operational facts to round out the case. All I know is that I went away with a vision of a great, big... still turbine.

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