Monday, February 25, 2008

Killing two birds with one turtle?

I think I a mixing a saying with the death of a famous Greek, but hey.

Our national broadcaster's commitment to news.. and global warming: Slow news day

Slow.... Tell me about it!

I tuned into BBC Breakfast about 10 times this morning over 90 minutes, and every single time all I ended up with was some BBC brunette airflown in to flounce around the post-Oscar bashes.

It was obviously getting desperate as they they couldn't find any frocks on anyone remotely relevant to talk about, so they decided on talking about hers.... again... and again.

Licence fee issues, what licence fee issues? Climate change? What climate change?

I'm surprised they didn't do the turtle thing (missing irony is pretty common with the BBC when it comes to 'global warming'), but given their commitment to serious journalism I am sure they could have got one on a skateboard eventually.

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