Monday, February 25, 2008

More talk, and more targets

An interesting article from The Indy, highlighting the fact that the new housing minister, Caroline Flint, will announce later this week that ALL new 'non-domestic' buildings must be zero carbon by 2020. On top of the existing commitment to ensure that all new domestic properties are zero carbon by 2016 (strange, I was convinced that they said 2012 when that was first announced), that's an extremely ambitious target.

Let's see. Targets set by pols tend not to be overtly fixed and have a common habit of changing over time. And I find it rather odd that this sort of announcement comes when the grants system for renewables seems to have been deliberately halted.

By the way, this article suggests that we were wrong about how many new builds had qualified for Ol' Golden's much lauded stamp duty exemption, they reckon it is only three!
n.b. I will be exhibiting SolarVenti in the Green Shoots Pavilion at the EcoBuild show for most of this week. Peter, I am sure, will continue to dig up interesting items for your perusal whilst I am away.

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Peter said...

This is one where I am very much in favour of the theory but, as suggested, find the practicalities woefully lacking, especially when it comes to the examples set by those doing the target setting.

It's all a bit more 'set & forget' it seems.

And bearing in mind the squeals from the building indutsry today on making houses old-biddy friendly (another 'why not?'- I speak as one who had to fork out a few extra thousand upgrading my aged Mum's cottage to also comply with disabled access. Which, at the time, was a pain, but may yet be a boon), if it's not done right... it won't be done well. If at all.

n.b: Have a goodie at teh show. Wish I could be there. Mayeb try and make a few notes and do a report upon your return? You can be 'Our man in the Pavilion'.