Monday, February 25, 2008

NEWS/MEDIA PR - The Woman Who Stops Traffic

A new category for when I get a potentially worthy bit of PR about a media event (eg: TV programme) that may be worth a gander.

All the usual caveats as to possible green bandwagon vs. enviROI value apply, I for now simply cut & paste editted highlights as provided.

The Woman Who Stops Traffic

Get On Your Bike to Pledge Regional C02 Emissions Cuts

To coincide with the start of a compelling new three part series – The Woman Who Stops Traffic – Channel is launching an interactive map of the UK to track which region can come out on top for CO2 emission savings.

The online interactive UK map highlights the amount of CO2 emissions people can prevent in their region if they walked, cycled or used public transport to do any daily journey. Users can pledge how many times they will do a journey without the use of the car (based on the output of an average family car) and their CO2 prevention will be added to the map for their region.

The site will go live on the 26 February.

The heroine is one Kris Murrin, who says: “I’m not anti-car. I’ve got three kids. I’m a family of five. I’m not exactly going to be able to do a huge weekly shop on my bike. But the thing that bugs me is that a lot of people get into their car without even thinking ‘Is there another way I could do this journey?’”

May be worth a gander.

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