Friday, February 08, 2008

Plugging away!

When it comes to doing good by Gaia, glory is good, but I'm always keen to up the ante to actaul, tangibel re:wards: The glory of glass recycling

In the spirit of ‘every little helps’, and acknowledging the minute (though still relevant) extra it may contribute, let's not also forget re:use, too!

Not so great for helping meet targets, but often a lower energy option... and a highly self-rewarding one!

Take this for example, a stunning lamp design made from Perrier bottles:

Inspired by Jason, I have a few more modest projects underway. One is a shaving mirror surround that is awaiting the dozen Fahrenheit after shave bottles I have almost accrued in the last several years (I knew I'd find a use one day! However you may find your local Boots may be able to speed things up with discarded testers), a transparent wall section from 1l Lambs Navy Rum hexagonal bottles, and a solar-powered driveway buried lawn edge night landing system covered with wine bottles.

Still trying to figure what to do with the several thousand other varieties now spilling into the living room which the missus is none to happy about.

Any ideas?

Actually, I forgot to mention I am also looking for some on pledge caps (the cans are a no-no, being pressurised).

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