Wednesday, February 13, 2008


If you don't know about it, it's well worth a look... and signing up.

Hey, it's free. What's to lose? Actually, what's to save, or gain, more like!

And I say this still smarting from a few attempts to get in touch with more than the inevitable 'whoshudIsayzcallin'?' gatekeeperette and hence being ignored. Shame, as I like what Martin Lewis has done, is doing and can do. And I think he'd appreciate

The reminders are weekly and usually contain well worthy nuggets of gold.

Such as this, which prompts my review here and now: Time to switch energy supplier. He even has my outfit, Swalec, sussed as pitching today but bumping up soon.

My only niggle is the email, like the site, is a navigation nightmare. But then is not exactly the London Tube map.

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