Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Darfur - is the deafening silence broken at last?

The genocide in Darfur has been going on for what seems years now. Ostensibly, at least according to the current Sudanese government, this dispute between local farmers started over water (the shortage thereof), has caused the deaths of over 200,000 people and created the displacement of an even greater number to refugee camps within Sudan and in its neighbours. The fighting has even spread over the border into Chad and supposedly into Ethiopia too.

Yet the world's major media seems to have generally ignored the entire issue, until now. So what appears to have made the media realise that there is actually an important story behind Darfur?

Ahhhhh, I see, an internationally renowned member of the big screen fraternity, Stephen Spielberg, no less, has made the media luvvies sit up and take notice by stepping down from his role as artistic adviser to the Beijing Olympics opening and closing ceremonies. Now that's something really worth getting worked up about.

Isn't it amazing how a bit of celebrity can raise the media image of an issue whilst the deaths of hundreds of thousands can't?

Yet still not a peep about the fact that Darfur lies right across what is probably the largest potential oilfield in Sudan. Is it me?

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Peter said...

To steal and evolve a ditty I penned on this blog a few years ago:

To the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies:

'Let me tell you a story 'bout a cadre called Fan.

Popped over to Sudan and said 'here's a plan',

'Sort out them locals and don't worry about no food','

"cos then we'll split the profits of that bubblin' crude!

Oil that is, black gold. Texas tea. Engine of the Commy machine.

So next thing you know it, old Fan's a squillionaire,

The guys he was working with, well, now they're a little bare.

But who cares a toss as greed is good, (if a little 'not fit'),

And Fan's name is now heard only in the same line as sh*t (hitting that is)'.

I feel better now.

Maybe Sean Penn or Ben Elton could do the musical? I'm sure the BBc would fund it.

Or maybe they have other issues more pressingly bashable?