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It has been referred to a lot before (check label below). I think It's time to start a category for when the next in line crops up:


Indy - Inside Story: Advertising environmentalism - Is it just greenwash?
BBC - What is the meaning of 'green'? - Not the most comfortable of reading
Director of Finance Online - Green credentials face growing scrutiny - One can only ask a plaintive... why???? Like we don't know. Oh, and guess which 'green winners' are spending a fortune to tell us how green they are? Nice to see my profession is still worth its salt.
FoodNavigator - Green efforts too often fall foul of scepticism
Observer - Just more advertising greenwash? - All the more valuable for the post casting a well-cranked eyebrow at the banner ads on the piece.
Indy - Is Dove's campaign for real beauty destroying the world's rainforests? The enemy of my enemy is my friend? Interestingly, the author finds the latest Oxfam ad effective, when not one person in my family understood what it was all about, much less felt moved to act. And that, subjective appreciation aside, is what it is all about.
Brand Republic - Green media - what is your company doing to prove its green credentials? - Don't get mad; get emailing. No entries to date... in answer to the question. Oh well... here I go (on the basis that almost anything that promotes unnecessary production and consumption can hardly be green):

Whenever you're ready chaps. No hurry.. take your time.
Mind you, I do wonder if 'not getting accused of..' is quite the same as '...not engaging in...' in the whole process vs. result, perception vs. reality, spin vs. substance scheme of things, and hence which might cost more and/or take longer to prepare for public consumption.
'Ladies and gents, please start your PR budgets...'
Or maybe, and here's a thought: do what you can practically. Be sincere. And don't ram some twisted vision of 'greenness' down ever more savvy consumers' throats in some half-cocked notion of enviro/CSR box-tick marketing.

Media Week - WELCOME TO THE GREEN SUPPLEMENT - MEDIA WEEK SPECIAL - it's got footprints and green and everything

Times - Why ‘greenwash’ won’t wash with consumers - Tell us something we don't know, and for a lot less of a fee.

'Could become..' LOL.
But I am sure another summit will sort it. They have worked so well so far.


Guardian - Have you been greenwashed? - Let's see what one of the nation's top media blogs can come up with.

Just after I wrote this, I got an email: 'Go Green' with an Environmentally Friendly Franchise - The future awaits. I fancy Pet Butler.

Treehugger - MINI Pedi-Cab Stunt in China: Not So Green - No such thing as bad publicity? I'm sure it seemed a good idea. Nice to see some other cranking an eyebrow, but I'm not sure this was being touted as 'enviro'. I think Sir Paul might fancy one... call Lexus now!

Junkk.com - A new Guardian Greenwash site

Indy - NEW - Inconvenient truths: Don't believe the greenwash - I share not to be negative, but to encourage sensible interrogation. The Indy is no green slouch, and the writer is a staffer, but any rebuttals will be interesting. So far... none.

Information/Suppliers (to kick off)

ASA - Report via Greenbang

climatecounts.org US-based
coopamerica.org US-based
forestethics.org US-based

Greenwash guide - do bear in mind it is from a company (one of many, inc. here, if you fancy our input. Though we do also give oodles away free) that will charge you to 'help', but is worth checking out.

Guardian - Greenwash

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