Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Reporting - information vs. opinion?

I have usually appreciated Ethical Man... when I learn useful new stuff.

What we've been up to...

But not when I feel an agenda is at play, and the science gets tinkered with.

Merry Japes, eh?

Full load in a car... excellent. Be interesting to see how that equates to other forms of transport when you're off on a protest when you're not off on spring break skiing I guess.

Just wondering, how does a hybrid perform in such cases at high speed over long distances, lugging that battery along?

I guess it can be used for the all the laptops and iPod battery chargers no student would be seen without. Even on an Amish visit.

Pity about the hitch-hiking law (?)... very nanny-state. The rationale will be interesting, and how that gets reported vis a vis other government-imposed efforts 'for our own good'.

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