Friday, March 21, 2008

Food shortages WILL happen

Now we've commented on this very blog about the shrinkage of glaciers around the planet before, and pointed out some of the doom and gloom food shortage, mass migration and war scenarios that many, with perhaps more Malthusian mentalities, are predicting.

But this from the New Scientist makes for quite grim reading, and it does not hedge its bets; even the headline uses that key word WILL. Not 'could' or 'might' or 'potentially' or 'theoretically possible' but "Melting glaciers will trigger food shortages".

Quite depressing. But will anybody take note?


Peter said...

Frankly, I had pretty much arrived at 'ARE happening' already.

At least, just looking at the price rises, and a BBC West Mids show about a baker sourcing his flour from Eastern Europe as he can't get it here.

Dave said...

You are, of course, correct. There is already a situation where the planet's stockpiles of reserve grain is at an all time low. And with ever more mouths to feed, and more land being given over to crops for bio-fuels, well, the equation is fairly obviously clearly laid out.

As one of my friends observed the other day when the Gov's official inflation figures of (I think 2.6%?) were unveiled, a loaf of bread has almost doubled since this time last year, fuel has gone up more than 40%, energy bills have gone up ~30%. I couldn't disagree with his comment that 'this Gov is avin' a larrrff and seems to think that we're all blind to the ever increasing cost of living'.

And when food runs out, or is priced out of the pockets of us proles?