Friday, March 21, 2008

Branson bites back!

I missed this from Wednesday's Guardian CIF - a response from Richard Branson to the sniping comments made by Willie Walsh, CEO of British Airways.

Though he makes his points well, and they are actually DOING something (questionable as it may be), and I do agree with him that looking for viable (important key word) alternative fuels has to be done, there are some quite scathing posts in response.

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Peter said...

As you say, and 'better than nothing' springs to mind, which BA might be wise to ponder more. Though there is that interesting note on the actual efficiencies of the plane/engine combo as being every bit as significant.

Mind you, seeing two such paragons sniping away is at least something one can view in a more detatched way, if only from the position of not moving in such rarified circles. None too edifying, though.

Unfortunately, the rebuttals are pretty harsh, and detailed, which seems to be adding to the negative PR that resulted from the initial outing.

I really do not know what to think yet, as the actual enviROI of such efforts is unclear, but perhaps we are at last seeing a little more of a challenge to every bit of 'green' PR trotted out to now, but without much concern for what it might actually add up to beyond a bit of a story.

One thing is for sure... not a good time to be looking at a career in air travel! Mind, 'When I grow up I want to be a carbon trader' doesn't quiet have the same ring as 'airline pilot'.