Friday, March 21, 2008

A foot! Let's see if we can hit it!

Oops! Govt fails to meet its sustainability targets

Can't help but feel the word 'again' might be missing here.

Targets. Gotta love 'em. Keep lots of folk in business setting them, assessing them and then explaining why they don't matter or rejigging the rules for another stab. Plus guys like us passing comment.

One thing... 'wasn’t you: it was government.'

Like many, I'd like to divorce me from t'other. But sadly, once such as the EU fines kick in for missing them I rather suspect it will be us who fork out.

Sad face again:(

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Dave said...

But in Gov terms, targets, as we have said many times before, are just that, targets. They don't have to be met as they are malleable, variable and adjustable to suit political whim.

I'm just off to move some goalposts ......