Monday, March 17, 2008

...But some jobs are more important than others

Real Climate is a good source of factual information (if pretty high end) on climate change.

Though it's pretty safe to say that the overall thrust of the forum is that it is happening, for the worst... and that man is more than probably responsible.

But I am not so sure many favours are being done, message vs. messenger-wise, by pieces such as this: Venus Unveiled

Whilst not one (it's about another planet) of the more overt 'we're all doomed and you're to blame' efforts that can grace its pages, especially in rebuttal of more climate optimistic pronouncements, I just found the overall tone interesting... and unfortunate.

One has to accept that it is inevitable, makes sense and is perfectly fair enough that professionals in such industries need to travel to meet and exchange notes. However I do always note that there is a slight trend to viewing one's job in such areas as 'different' in the emissions consequences imposed than those of others taken to task. It's not what you do, but what you get paid to do (and say, in the case of many media) that matters.

However, I have to say this is the first time to see it top and tailed quite so overtly with a less than 'sensitive', nay, irony-free review of the holiday aspects in complement. I have often teased that many selectively-green commentators, who advocate bans for quite trivial enviROI+ measures at the drop of a hat, seem to be rather less self-searching when it comes to hitting the slopes of a weekend. But I have wondered if I was being quite fair as this seemed an extreme. Perhaps not.

Maybe the forum members might have some suggestions as possible causes of the weather patterns that lead to the lack of good snow on the trails?

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