Saturday, March 22, 2008

You're 'aving a larf'

My view on this From Emo to Ego from Grist about another celeb awareness... er.. effort

'What will be the fallout?', they ask.

Let's see...

'...the band will board a private jet...' as the first line in the PR seems to set it up.

Kinda compounded, if explained by '...MTV News will be with the band every step of the way..'

But it's OK, because 'This certainly outdoes last February's FOB stunt, Infinity Flight 206...'

Boggling the mind, mind, is that this is billed as '..teaming up with Greenpeace for the concert, in the hopes of raising awareness about global warming.'

Know what? I think folk may be pretty 'aware' about Probably Man Worsened Climate Change (Global warming is, so like, last year... if not plain inaccurate) by now, but celebs and eco-elites and rating-priority media swanning about in jets to do it all may well be the bigger message that gets sent around the world, and hence again give cause to ponder the value of many self-appointed messengers. And those who give them page space. Like us. Funny old word, eh?

What next? Hey, I have an idea! Leonardo, Tamsin, Madge et Al can hook up with Top Gear and fly (commecial of course) their Priuses to the Antarctic for a Celebrity Destruction Derby!

This is getting so bizarre I figure there is method to this madness, but it's so subtle I am missing it.

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