Saturday, July 11, 2009


They are different, but related.


Junkk - Issues pertaining to the Severn Barrage

Guardian - Second generation tidal turbines promise cheaper power

Guardian - Harnessing wave power - Lots of moving parts to maintain in a hostile environment, but still better than some; hope it works.

Telegraph Letters - NEW - Tidal turbines would see none of the local opposition that wind power provokes - Some interesting points

INFORMATION - covers a broad church

YouTube - Green DIY Riding radical wave power - Note the related vids - PR, E&EO, as just in from the editor:

I know you’re interested Wave Energy and have requested info from Wave Energy Today. I wanted to let you know that Tidal Today, a sister of Wave Energy Today, has just launched our brand new website & newsletter.

This site is dedicated to the latest news, opinions, press releases and blogs relating to everything tidal.

We created the new social website with dedicated tidal news including R&D updates, funding breakthroughs, legislative developments, and environmental concerns that affect everyone who wants to play a part in delivering future Tidal Energy.

And the best part is that you can contribute too! Be a part of the online tidal community and have your voice heard. Sign up for your own Tidal Today account and start blogging.

waveenergytoday -

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