Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Another one bites the dust!

We are talking about another Labour Party environmental pledge that was even included in a Government White Paper commitment.

It was "one of just five official Labour Party environmental pledges" announced by David Milliband when he was Environment Secretary. But now, "the little clip-ons which you can attach, and which vividly reveal how much electricity you waste by leaving the iron on when doing something else, or when running the spin-dryer on a sunny day" have gone the way of so many other environmental initiatives that have turned out to be little more than hot air or spin.

Full report is from the Telegraph.

Another abysmal failure, or perhaps, to try to put a more +ve spin on it, a tremendous piece of successful ineptitude? Boy, am I glad I wasn't one of the poor businesses that threw everything into manufacturing these devices. I wonder if they'll be able to claim against the failure to follow through an "Environmental Pledge"? My guess? No chance! Because any 'pledge' coming from a Pol means absolutely sweet Fanny Adams!

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Peter said...

(Sick) joking aside, this kind of thing has terrible consequences on the confidence of any community to engage, especially speculatively, when 'asked' by Government. Talk about killing the spirit of innovation.

Think of all the HIPS assessors left holding pretty useless over-qualifications gained at vast expense of time and personal funds.

Maybe the current incumbents are just trying to see if they can work through every sector of society and let them down in turn. Like some political version of the card game 'Black Maria' (or, as I knew it at school, 'Hunt the Honourable Member'), they actually win by p*ssing off everyone.