Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The mouths of those who teach our babes...

We'd love to go green. But who's going to pay for the solar panels?

'We'd love to go green. But who's going to pay...'

Sort that little one out across the board, and I think we have the whole issue covered.

Certainly those who can afford to pay quitting lambasting those who cannot would seem a good start.

There's also the not insignificant factor in making sure that one has a good handle on what is 'green' and whatever you pay to go there is best directed. Assuming the aim is to improve the future for our kids and not just tick the odd box.

It seems astounding to me that there is not centralised research and purchasing on this by government departments to ensure the best product for the job is sourced (Ok, I am ignoring history), and in volumes to generate highly beneficial costs (and, again).

Like so much in the environmental arena, our government seems excellent at lobbing around silly targets that it cannot meet itself, and then making it up to anyone but itself to solve the messes they have created.

And the lack of joined up thinking evidenced by the reduced transport diktat, going hand in hand with increased needs to travel all round, is breathtaking.

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