Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Buddy, can you spare a lime?

Crunch-hit consumers restricted by price of green products, report says

Well, there's a thing.

After my initial 'Well, d'uh!', there are a few interesting aspects to note.

'.... widespread dissatisfaction over the variety of green products offered by retailers,' is one I was not aware of.

'...shoppers on average paid 45% more for environmentally friendly and fair trade goods.' is one that amazed me.

'Shoppers said they are only willing to pay a premium of about 20% for greener products.' made me think there are a lot of folk with a lot of money.

"Consumers want to make sustainable choices, but are hampered by unclear messages. Confusion, coupled with high prices, leads to a lack of trust...'' comes as no surprise.

While 'More than 6 in 10 consumers questioned said reducing the amount of packaging on products was the most important action retailers and consumer goods companies could take to help the environment' makes me wonder why Junkk.com and RE:tie are proving real challenges to get across with the business community.

I really am starting to think the marketers and business brains in this country would would miss an opportunity even if it folded itself in neat notes in their wallets.

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