Tuesday, June 17, 2008

NEWS/Commercial PR - RE-USB

I like to reward sincere efforts.

A wee while ago I was sent the PR that follows.

Actually, this is a product I am happy enough to endorse as I bought several and, frankly, what's not to like?

These are rechargeable batteries, which is already nifty in my book, but they can also be recharged in the USB slot of your lappy, which makes 'em downright, well, space-saving (no need to lug along a charger for one, well, assuming you are taking a lappy along. And who doesn't have a slot you can borrow at destination?) at the very least.

Thing is I was feeling a bit eyebrow-cranky, and alighted on the bit about the actual longevity.

Prove that, I said, and you will get a slot on the blog and even in the next newsletter (April's is looking good for July at the 'mo).

Well, bless 'em, they have. Maybe not 'proof' as such, but a very firm claim from the horse's mouth: 'You enquired whether the rechargeable battery would last forever. I contacted the inventor Simon Daniel who said that the USBCELL battery can be recharged up to 500 times before the in-battery chemistry degrades. Normal rechargeable batteries can be re-used on average under 10 times, so the comparison is very impressive.'

Now I blooming well hope the various other reusables last a bit more than 10 times (I must check their small print now. See a press release I study; a pack in Maplins I don't), but I have decided to bite. Here it is, E&EO:

Re-usable USBCELL Battery could save UK Landfill and Recycling Fines

Recycling Week began badly with news that Britain faces millions of pounds of fines for not collecting and recycling batteries. However, renewable power specialist Moixa Energy has the answer – with their award winning USBCELL , which is already saving millions of batteries from future UK Landfill.

Says Moixa CEO and founder Simon Daniel. “Our USBCELL Batteries can be ‘Recharged Anywhere’ by simply plugging them into one of the billions of USB ports on desktops, laptop or games devices”.

“The solution is not just consumers recycling more (how many people even know about Recycling Week) [I certainly forgot , even if I did. Nice to see all those quango comms £'s hard at... er.. work - Ed], it is the responsibility of all companies and designers to rethink entire product categories to become more re-usable and sustainable.

Batteries are a clear example of waste, with over 15 billion (equivalent to a column to the moon and back), made and thrown away each year. Traditional rechargeable batteries require a charger/adaptor to be made, found and carried – so sadly are on average only ever re-used under 10 times before being discarded.

USBCELL batteries solve this by embedding a compact USB connector and circuitry inside the battery so that no separate charger is needed. Each USBCELL can save over 3kg of landfill and 7kg of C02, in basic re-use, and significantly more if fully re-used. Whilst government departments, BBMA (British Battery Manufacturers Association) and environmental groups debate how to raise UK collection from the current 2-3% to the 25% required under the EU Batteries Directive, USBCELL has already saved the UK several jumbo jets' worth of future landfill.

USBCELL is also soon to be available in other battery formats (e.g. AAA), and is also being developed for application with leading mobile phone brands.

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