Monday, July 28, 2008

Alas, the middle ground is seldom fertile for ratings

Green is the new black, but fashions change

I see there's a book being promoted at the end.

As I tend to when I read articles by many of those whose thoughts (and, rarely, advice) on the matter can often inspire the mixed emotions described by the author. Which always cranks an eyebrow, I do confess, as to what the actual point of these efforts are. From Monbiot to Clarkson it strikes me that there is an industry at work, and it is based on extremes who need each other to survive... and profit from numpties like me who still click on headlines that mention 'green' in hope of balance and information of value. It is possible that there are some who try and do their best by the environment because there is much that can't hurt, can be fun... and save money. Who could give a (non-offset) flying fig for fashion. And I suspect don't read papers, or columns, like this.

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