Monday, August 11, 2008

Basking in a green glow

I was going to let it wash over me, but seeing a global PR campaign at work can be a scary thing.

IKEA to Sell Solar Panels, "Smart" Meters

This has to be the nth article on the topic I have seen today, from Sydney to Seattle.

Now, on balance, fair enough. However this also comes on the day I am reminded about the last home eco outing that has proven 'interesting', namely wind turbines.

So my envIROI meter is twitching again.

I just hope the company, and those who will buy from it, have and/or will do their homework very carefully before leaping.

I have but scratched the surface on the solar industry and its potential to me as a consumer, but one thing I already know is the first few 'toys' I bought were a variety of panel that are good for a few yeast tops. Not so good for pocket of planet.

Worth bearing in mind as you wheel your trolley down the aisle and see a tantalising display that might not work out as well as you bargained. It has happened before, and I was one who almost made a rash decision in a B&Q with a windmill that looked so shiny and worthy.

Not saying it might not bring affordable options to the masses and be done right, but just be aware.

ps: Smart meters are OK, I guess, but I haven't looked at ours in an age. What I do use, a lot, is the wireless standby remote.

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