Monday, August 11, 2008

Well, that worked well. Not.

I will not be adding my comment on the original blog. Enough has been said already. But...

On a planet 4C hotter, all we can prepare for is extinction

What... as in: 'this is an ex-Dodo. It is no more'?

Now, being that I hope soon to swap 20 degrees for 30 odd and the slim chance of getting a swim in some warm water, and that's double the increase in that headline....

Ah, headlines. I wonder if they get paid by the number on who clicked it. I did. How could I not?

Thing is, while there may be some smart insights into preparedness in there, I could not get past the idiocy of the headline.

Oh... and guess what? There's a book.

Just saw that. I will now be adding my comment.

BBC - NEW - Extinction 'by man not climate' - The Lord giveth... some other bloke slaughter away. So, it seems, by coincidence, that man is again the cause of all possibly natural ills. Subtle.

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