Monday, August 11, 2008

Now, who'dathunk?

Recyclers are cashing in on the fortune in your bin

Times - NEW - Local councils find that it's waste not, want not with rubbish

Times - NEW - Rubbish is fast becoming the new gold as cost of raw materials rises

WRAP - NEW - Barriers to recycling at home - Worth bearing the above in mind as you read this

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Dave said...

Now why would anybody ever have considered that local councils provide recycling facilities simply because they are being environmentally friendly?

The kerbside collections, that we all dutifully put out for our local councils to collect, having done all the prior work in cleaning, sorting etc., are an essential part of most local councils revenue streams, and have been thus since day one. Ditto the local special bins for your used bottles, tin cans etc.

Yet they still put up council taxes on the pretext that Government directives have 'ordered' them to do more recycling.

The math is simple - if a local council collects 1000 tons of paper per week, at £100 per ton, it now generates them £5 Million per year!

From the comments posted it would appear that some local councils have somewhat missed out on the 'rubbish' gravy train being enjoyed by others.

Now, I wonder when my council tax reduction will come to pass?

The answer, of course, is never.