Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well, here it is, for those who may not have signed up to the site opt-in mailing (go on, I need the numbers!) but read this blog.

Took me long enough. That last was in April, and though well received after a long absence it has taken me this long to get around to the next. Which is pretty silly as in that intervening time a lot of folk will have ported from Hotmail to AOL or left their firewalled company nest to seek better opportunities or set-up their own businesses. I doubt telling Junkk would be high on the 'new address' list.

The eagle-eyed, and/or faithful amongst you might notice quite a lot that's familiar. This is basically because most that is on is from here. Frankly the admin. interface is streets ahead. In fact I suspect many Junkk users don't appreciate just how much Junkk info is updated daily on the blog side. Being addressed!

Anyhoo, a few experiments have been put in place as this all goes down. One is me posting this 'ahead', Tardis like, in time, to see if it stays top of the list for the next few weeks.... while I am away. At last... freedom. No mobile. No internet! A for real holiday with no clutter or distractions save spouse and sons. Bliss.

And as I (with the noble exception of trusty Dave, who has co-access and can post) am about it, and Junkk Male RE:view will be coasting for a wee while.

I am also road-testing a new newsletter format, and in case the world hits the fan for any reason, I am (after suitable testing) pushing 'SEND' as I walk out the door. I kind of want it to be different to most other newsletters in the green arena, but I also am nervous about how some may view a bit more feisty opinion lurking in the shared info which hopefully all will value in the sharing.

I don't want any brickbats to spoil my time away, and will look forward to any bouquets awaiting my return to ease the pain of getting back in this dratted seat and firing up the monitor once more.

Ready, steady.... [click]


Micronair said...

Don't worry - you don't have to go zero waste! The competition is aimed at complete novices as well as those who are already recycling. If all you can commit to is to reduce one can, then that's fine. If everyone in the UK did this one small action, we could save 60 million cans going into the landfill.

Metal cans don't go to ladfill do they? Aren't they taken out by magnets?

Peter said...

Hi... sorry it took so long to get your comment up but I have just got back.

And something odd has happned as there were a few others too... but they just vanished when I hit 'publish'. Shame, as they were nice.

Can't fault the principle of doing what you can ('scuse pun) as that is sure better than doing nothing and any effort is to be encouraged rather than putting off potential supporters of more positive enviro actions by getting on some eco high horse and trashing (there I go again) modest efforts as 'dabbling' or not enough. I do feel some more... ardent verdant types do tend to drive away more than they attract by adopting dogmatic, purist, etc, actions and attitudes.

In answer to your last point/question, in the UK at least I think it rather depends on the council system in question.

For sure if put in the right basket it will end up recycled. Some new processing plants can even take a bag full of mixed waste in a bin liner and get out the various goodies with varying degrees of success. I think metals are running 100%. Steel/tin cans are surely sucked up by magnets, and alumimium ones equally sidelined and sorted pretty well. Not so sure that the glass/paper % is as good as it might yet be for useful recyclate as yet in some cases. And I have heard tell that the targets don't worry so much about how useful it all is but more how much is made. Not too good on an enviROI basis if true.

But I am pretty sure a lot of waste still does not go via these processing systems, and hence will, sadly, still end up in landfill.

However, such is the value of the historically disposed material, I have also heard of proposals to 'mine' landfills to get them stuff back out!