Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just a thought...

I've mentioned this before.

Between the sun and the rain, my 1/2 acre produces so much green stuff each week I cannot keep up. Even with a massive trolley, my dump run is piled high with vegetation.

Now, as this is what Mother Nature has used energy from sunlight to convert C02 into more complex carbon products (and hence capturing) that's already a good thing, but can't we in some way munch this down to compost and capture the gaseous energy to run stuff?

I merely ask, because having watched the Chinese army tote several acres of offshore seaweed to landfill, the same notion struck me when I read this:

Foreign plants and animals cause havoc on waterways

BBC - 'Dirty dozen' threaten waterways

Guardian - NEW - Compost bug offers hope for biofuel industry - Dots are bring joined..

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