Saturday, August 16, 2008

NEWS/GO3 PR - Pledge and win!

Desperately trying to round off various tasks before we leave for our vacation.

Here's a topical one I have to get out now, as I promised the author. As always, E&EO, though this one is as 'in the zone' as one could hope:)

Now my views on some major media and government pledges are well know, but this one has that consumer-inspiring extra that is so often neglected: reward!

Pledge and win!

In June 2008, the Green family from Gloucestershire set themselves a zero waste challenge.

Could an ordinary household produce nothing for the landfill each week?

Reducing, reusing and recycling came into their awareness after they were personally involved in the Boscastle floods, whilst on holiday, in 2004.

They realised that every action they took had an impact on other people across the country and the globe. How we dispose of our rubbish can contribute to global warming, so they decided to take responsibility for their actions.

They half heartedly attempted changes, but kept falling back into old habit patterns.

Then an article about the effects of plastic on marine life changed their lives for ever. From that moment on, Mr Green declared 'no more plastic bags' and that was the beginning of their journey towards zero waste.

In June, an 'average' weeks waste for the Greens was around 100 litres - 1 metal dustbin plus 2 swing bin liners. By recycling more and changing their shopping habits over the past 3 months, the Green's put out just 141 grams this week - less than half a carrier bag.

During the first week in September, the Greens have set themselves a zero waste week. In order to help spread the word about the 3 R's and reducing landfill waste, they want you to join in too!

You will have the opportunity to earn some fantastic prizes when you pledge to make some changes.

Simply visit their 'Pledge and win' page, choose your pledges, choose which prizes you would like to win, carry our your actions and then return to the site in September to comment on your experiences.

Don't worry - you don't have to go zero waste! The competition is aimed at complete novices as well as those who are already recycling. If all you can commit to is to reduce one can, then that's fine. If everyone in the UK did this one small action, we could save 60 million cans going into the landfill.

The aim of zero waste week is to show people that every small action can have meaningful effects. And the hope is that changes made during zero waste week will be long lasting and lead to other changes.

In addition to zero waste week, the Green's blog about their daily adventures on their site

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