Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Water, water, everywhere....

..... and not a drop to drink.

According to this from the International Herald Tribune, that is the prospect facing billions of people, especially in Asia, over the coming decades, as climate change alters rainfall patterns and increases areas that already suffer from droughts.

"global climate change takes many forms, causing droughts in some areas while increasing flooding and the severity of cyclones in others. Droughts reduce water supply, and floods destroy the quality of water. Rising sea levels, for instance, increase the salt content at the mouths of many rivers, from which many Asians draw their drinking water."

By 2080, they reckon that as many as 3.2 Billion people (that's almost half the planet's current population) could face a shortage of clean water.

Yes, I know they use that horrible word 'could', but it doesn't sound too good if true, does it?

Oh, and if you want something topical to actually drink from, how about one of these 'global warming mugs' from gadgets.co.uk?

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Peter said...

It won't be pretty.

Having lived in Singapore, I am well aware how vital this commodity is, and what its management (or abuse) can stir up. They had a spat with Malaysia and all of a sudden F-16s were being fired up. For now there is mutual dependence. The Singaporeans need the water but have the treatment, and the Malaysians need treated water. What happens if they invest in their own plants...?

You think oil is trouble? Try H2O.

At least a pipeline can be directed where willing parties wish (mind, you, our Gas supply is looking iffy when Vladimir rejigs the rules and ends up President again), but he who is upstream rules what goes in, and comes out. Messy.

A time to invest in solar distilling systems, perhaps?

I rather envy, if in a narrow way, those who can rely on the sun as a power source year-round.

If I was still in Singapore the roof of my house would have been covered in 'devices' by now.

Here, the incentive is lesser. I have to confess your mighty cellar dehumidifier is struggling with short, sun-shy days and low angles.