Tuesday, November 18, 2008

When switching off just won't do

7-Eleven Getting Big Gulp-Sized LED Upgrade

'in order to do its part to reduce GHG emissions'

I am glad that they have 'seen the light', but let us not get too carried away with echoing the PR.
'The savings will be worth it as the lights will use about 75% less energy than fluorescents.' '..after they see what kind of savings 7-11 reaps.'

Not to mention the kudos... oh... they can see that already.

Please, let there not be vast acres of print media issued to tell one and all about this measure.

Actually I'd be keen to know exactly how long the $1B investment will take to get to payback... and then accrue major operational savings; not really for the eco-cred but just to stamp on some beancounters' foreheads to show that green can make green.

It needn't be an 'either/or'.

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