Monday, February 09, 2009

At last, a glimmer

Of hope in common sense, if not much faith in delivery

Quarter of UK homes to be offered a green makeover

In my view, improving home efficiencies to a decent level of enviROI has to be the priority, otherwise any energy generated, no matter how 'greenly', is still being wasted unnecessarily.

Plus there's the small matter of costs, too.

But speaking of money, there is as mentioned that small matter of what is promised vs. what transpires.


Dave said...

You beat me to it - I was planning a post in my head on this very article. My key points were going to be that a) it all sounds very worthy but it hinges on that key word 'targets' again. And b), of course, only people over 70 with both grand-parents still alive will qualify for the 'grants'.

More box-ticking sir?

What really intrigued me was the very last paragraph:-

"The Conservatives have proposed grants of up to £6,500 per household, which would be repaid over up to 25 years from expected savings of £160 on gas and electricity bills."

Now I seem to recollect a certain Peter Martin suggesting something very, very similar not so long ago. Have you been secretly employed to write future Conservative Party policy?

Peter said...

Ta for the hat tip.

Not sure I want to be too closely allied to any political party (we'll see how 'proposals turn into action first) but as it seems pretty certain they will be in next, and this seems like something worth supporting, I am happy to have any positive notions embraced!

Just... hope the doors won't crash in if plod and the current crew reckons I am an 'activist'.