Monday, February 09, 2009

Summit up?

Scientists plan emergency summit on climate change

I am a bit torn on this one.

Fora while I have been banging on that IF it is a serious as is made out then why on earth are the powers that be not making more a an issue of it?

So this looks like a worthy effort to kick-start this.

However, another part of me wonders, post Kyoto, Bali, IPCC, etc, what exactly new they are going to come up with that hasn't worked... obviously... to now, and hence runs the risk of being another high-carbon talk-fest. The word 'summit' gets me right offside immediately, after all the other nonsense events I've been to with the same name.

On past evidence, I honestly don't look forward to how this will get reported, and who these reports will impact and reach. It's the first I have heard of it (didn't look like there was even a website) , and a month is not a long time to prepare, so who is going, why and what are they hoping to achieve?

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