Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Are you... a NIMBY?

This has been prompted by a discussion group, in turn prompted by:

Nimbyism is 'hardening' in Britain..

I fear this term is often rather in the same category as a few other, if not pejoratives, but at least intentionally loaded critiques, along with 'denier' or 'treehugger', that do not serve the cause of rational debate very well.

As one who can think if nothing more impressive to look at than a ridge of rotating turbines, I have to accept that there are those who might not.

And if I'm not too bothered one way or t'other as I pass by, it might be worth giving pause to think of those who might have had one view and are now faced with another... daily.

Plus there are other issues to be sensitive to. Those who post here regularly are more informed and qualified than eye to confirm this, but it is my understanding that there is some noise pollution for homes close by. Also that house prices in the immediate area can be unfavourably affected.

These are legitimate concerns. And I sometimes feel those not on the wrong end of such initiatives, whilst be very passionate in defence of the big picture, can also be a tad insensitive in their critiques. And, in so doing, get a few backs up in the process. Which, more often than not, can introduce... 'delays'.

I, for one, rather shudder when it see it wielded, especially when picked up by the MSM on a slow news day.


I got a cheery reply. Now, 'they' have started a competition to find alternatives. Current top pick is 'obfuscators'. Look what I started:(

Here's what I wrote:

I won't be joining in, but those who feel so inspired may get some fodder from this and the comments in response:

Monbiot's royal flush: Top 10 climate change deniers

I did note one point made that of that list there were some who were there despite not disputing the fact that climate was changing, or even going further, but seemed to have got on the 'wrong side' by having different thoughts on the best way to address the future as a consequence.

So... be careful with those definitions; they can come back on one.

I look forward to to the winning entry.

Have a lovely evening, which it is out of my window. Off down the shed to make some stuff out of some junk with the kids... by way of example.

Climatically neutral, reduction positive, waste negative, talk-talk dubious, walk-walk advocate

* I was moved, of course, to chip in..

Just wondrin', having read the piece and as many of the replies as I could cope with, if this ad hominem, ''tis/t'isnt spat between a few folk who seem to be making a lot of career headways out of staking claims on the far extremes, and their various entrenched supporters, are actually DOING anything worthwhile to make the future any better for my kids?

From what I have read here... not so much.

Maybe it is better this way. Lord help the future if most I have read actually get in charge of anything based on their ability to persuade and/or lead.

Addendum 2:

Another reply. Slightly less cheery. And one which rather leads me to think that my plea fell on deaf ears. Some views, and the blogs that cater to them, are too entrenched it seems. And so various groups wallow in their group thinking, rejecting and indeed forcing out any views that do not conform to the ones they hold, no matter how sincere or rationally held. Hardly the best way forward IMHO...

I suggest that you look to the Climate progress blog by Joe Romm, particularly at a recent item on anti-science syndrome (ASS), wherein those who are complete deniers are referred to as ASS wholes!


Now, what's the betting the only reaction we're likely to get/hear about is something equally 'colourful' in return. Ho hum. Whatever happened to addressing the issues and not the person?

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