Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Way too rational

Are there any more seats left on top?

What we want is extremes! That's what the activist groups and ratings-hungry media need... and thrive on.

Just like with climate change. I was at an event recently designed to raise 'awareness' of the issue, and foolishly accepted a group invitation to share my views, which are, roughly, that I think the climate is behaving in a negative way, and it's quite possible that the actions of man may not be helping, so I'll do all I can in mitigation but would need more convincing on some more drastic advocacies that could consume resources in an equally damaging way.

Of course, I please none present and was universally castigated for being a sceptic, denier, hairshirt and treehugger in equal measure.

For this reason, I consider any venturing near issues of population as very brave indeed. Especially if you mention Gaza in the same breath.

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