Friday, March 06, 2009

In the soup

An interesting set of 'servings' in this morning's news.

I was already unclear as to why our national broadcaster was devoting prime news time to the wife of a foreign country doing some photo op work in a soup kitchen, when it soon became clear as she had obviously just served the Plane Stupid protester who then lobbed the First Lady's dollop over Business Secretary Peter (I fear his ennoblement was a step too far for me to see any substance to the honours system any more, not that I did much before) Mandelson.

However, not that he is my favourite pol, I will concede that he conducted himself pretty well afterwards, I must say.

Which brings me to the protest, and its effect. The successful 'attack' on a high profile figure (what were the security up to... or not? Maybe they'd outsourced it to Pakistan?) will have the desired result to many, namely extensive publicity. However, my immediate reaction was sympathy for Mr. Mandelson, and that takes some doing. He claimed she stated no point during her action, but I'm pretty sure I heard her mouth off quite a lot, so who knows?* And in any case the scrum who interviewed her soon after left us in no doubt that it was about the 3rd Heathrow runway. Not a bad point with a climate conference held as soon as Gordon Brown has just landed back from one of his crucial overseas jaunts.

We also were treated a lot to the hundreds of thousands of green jobs (I still am trying to equate meeting environmental aims and targets with all the rhetoric about growing economies to satisfy growing, more aspirational populations).

My ears pricked up when Mr. Mandelson was asked about the car industry in this regard, as a few things didn't quite compute, and sadly the 'reporter' (some bozo holding a mike and script) failed to press him.

First up was that I think I heard he thought cars were the major CO2 emitters in the world. Not too sure that's true.

Second was in answer to why there are notions of propping up car makers such as Vauxhall if cars are not the best thing. Ignoring the 'costs' of making new ones and simply trying not to travel so much as options, the reply was that they have plans for an electric one on the drawing board.

I have to come back to what I bang on about so often in this regard. Electric cars do emit CO2. They emit it being made, and in the generation of the energy to run them; the exhaust pipe is just in another place.

Without sensible clean generation and distribution of 'leccy in place FIRST, I can't see how they match up on any enviROI level. So my box-ticking, target meeting, subsidy-collecting, lobbyist-satisfying antennae are aquiver.

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Addendum -

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*Addendum 2 -

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